reblog if u thinkin bout kissing cute girls

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I am this cat on so many levels

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privileged kids go to counseling, poor kids go to jail.

judge mathis, speaking the truth (via spring1999)

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niko and… 30Days Coordinate

2014 3.1→3.31

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warpaint scans from i-D mag

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"being interested in pop culture makes you vapid and unintelligent"

translation: im a miserable pissbaby. im deep because i smoke cheap cigarettes and take my coffee black. have u ever heard of friedrich nietzsche. im so alone.

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follow 4 more knicker-twisting tales of humiliation in national newspapers, saucy stories about doctor who stars and further hilarious exploits of the teen feminist bridget jones!! (calorie counts not included)

remember this photoset, if this the amount of fun I have after a bird shits on my head I think it’s clear that I am a Good Person to go on nights out with

i am 1000% here for this photo set

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Title: Teen Idle Artist: Marina and the Diamonds 24,595 plays


teen idle // marina and the diamonds

i wish i wasn’t such a narcissist
i wish i didn’t really kiss
the mirror when i’m on my own
oh, god, i’m gonna die alone

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just went to see tis pity she’s a whore at the barbican!!
pleasantly surprised by the take they did on it, the actors in modern clothing and the only set being Annabella’s red drenched bedroom were fitting
think it had a tendency to drift off into being too much about half naked hunks and thumping music (very baz luhrmann-esque)
would recommend for those studying it or wanting to see it, think it’s on until the 26th apr

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The legend of luther strode 1-6

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Title: What Kind Of Love (Bonus Track) Artist: Childish Gambino 3,396 plays

Why get a dog, it’s just gonna die
Everything you love’s just gonna leave you one day
And that’s just real shit he can still spit
But what’s the point
I said a lot of stupid stuff
I think that I was growin’ up

What kind of love don’t hurt so bad
What kind of love don’t feel this way
What kind of love would make me fold

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DC Nation’s Batman of Shanghai short produced by Wolf Smoke Studio

Can we talk about Batman’s AMAZING entrance/transformation? 

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