me: i’m gonna write

me: [reads another person’s writing]

me: i’m never writing again

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im referring to ppl who cloak their ideology in inaccessible + academic language for no actual reason as the nerdgeoisie from now on + i invite u all to join me

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Solange Knowles

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Star Wars AU: Everything is the same, except R2-D2 doesn’t make beeps and whistles, and is instead voiced by Kayne West, who is given no script but is just reacting to all the crazy space shit going on around his little robot homie.

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Then maybe we’ll see each other again. Perhaps, when it’s raining.”

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The only correct use of ‘not all men’ is when someone says that all men have penises

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Title: Stuck On The Puzzle Artist: Alex Turner 78,993 plays


i’m not the kind of fool 
who’s gonna sit and sing to you
about stars, girl

but last night i looked up into
the dark half of the blue
and they’d gone backwards

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I was straight once, turns out it was a phase

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2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

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Title: Better Than Heaven Artist: Bloc Party 759 plays


Bloc Party - Better Than Heaven

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I walked outside to find this little shit taking a nap and eating flowers

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Marion Fayolle

Solitude, 2012

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Poetry is the way I fuck you when you’re gone.