Every single Marvel Studios movie has centered around a presumably straight, white, male protagonist, even if white women (mostly love interests) and men of color (support roles) have played roles in the film. The franchise is a box office juggernaut and has a ton of movies on this list, but we’ve gotten two to three movies about each of the men on the Avengers and there’s yet to be a film about Black Widow. Both of Marvel’s ensemble films—The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy—trimmed down the superhero teams for their film adaptations, and the women characters, save for one, were the first to be cut. Most moviegoers will never know that women of color and LGBTQ characters were cut from Guardians of the Galaxy, but audiences will get to relate to the talking raccoon and the talking tree.

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Richard Ayoade

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Me: [makes really judgmental personal comment] but I mean do you; live your life.

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id let rekkles and xpeke nut on me 



Frida Kahlo 


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nothing but love and respect for the people of gaza they’re in the middle of a genocide and they’re trying to help the people in Fergunson protect themselves against tear gas 

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“It’s often assumed that the role of poetry is to comfort, but for me, poetry is the great unsettler. It questions the established order of the mind. It is radical, by which I don’t mean that it is either leftwing or rightwing, but that it works at the roots of thinking. It goes…

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Oppression is as American as apple pie.

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Anonymous asked: You're really kind of perfect.

sorry..friend…u r wrong….it’s ok we all make mistakes… stay strong cutie x

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Do you know how much I would know about what’s happening in Ferguson if it wasn’t for social media? Nothing. Zero.


Then theres the people who demonize technology and the “new generation” and romanticize the past…

Divas on Divas

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  • anime: believe in yourself or whatever
  • anime: anyway here's some boobs
  • nerds: insightful